Vansant Church of Christ

1383 Lovers Gap Rd, Vansant, VA 24656

Statement from our Leaders:

The Leadership of the Church has made the following decision...that we will be re-gathering for those who fill safe enough to join us. The church will re-gather each Sunday morning for a 8:45 & 11;00 worship service. We will be providing small group classes during the 10:00 hour. we are calling this hour BLAST (Building Lives Around Solid Truth.) There will be 4 adult classes and 4 Youth classes taking place during this hour.  The mid-week Bible study on Wednesday mornings will be in person and online.  For those who are still concerned about the spiking cases, services will continue to be broadcast for you on our facebook and youtube pages. Communion is available for you downstairs in the hall and you can stop get your communion during the week.

The Leaders are going to try to provide for you a safe and sanitary place of worship. Each Sunday morning there will be someone to greet you wearing gloves and a mask and holding your communion tray for you you get. The leaders in return ask that you cooperate with them. They ask that you participate in a way that makes others feel safe and secure. What are some of these ways? 1) Once you arrive and receive your communion please enter the auditorium and find your seat. 2) Wear a mask if possible, if you don't have a mask and would like one, one can be provided for you. 3) Once the service is over, please exit and try to avoid areas of congestion and congregating.

The Leaders appreciate your patience and participation and seek your prayers as they strive to continue to lead in these difficult times.

Service Times


  • Worship: 8:45 & 11:00 am (Online) (search: VansantChurch) Vansant Church of Christ Facebook10:00
  • BLAST - Building Lives Around Solid Truth


  • Mid-Week Bible Adult Study: 10:30 am (Online and In person) (search: Vansant Church of Christ)

Our Team

Senior Minister: Mike Rife

Mike Rife has served as Senior Minister of Vansant Church of Christ since 1990. He graduated from Kentucky Christian University in 1982, with a degree in ministry. Mike is originally from Vansant, VA. He has three children with his wife, Kathy who is an elementary school teacher at Riverview in Grundy. They have 3 children - Brittany - Bethany - Benjamin and 1 grandchild Braxton

Youth Minister: Scott Bostic

Scott Bostic has served as Youth Minister of Vansant Church of Christ since 2015. He is originally from Grundy, VA. Scott has two children with his wife, Machele.


Lonnie Brown - 597 - 8039 / (276) 345 - 7445

Troy Brown - (276) 971 - 6803

Henry Deel - 597-7175 - Elder Emeritus 

Larry Looney (Chairman) - 935-6185

Chris Mitchell - (276) 952 - 5832

Ricky Owens - 935 - 5461 / (276) 345 - 5407


Scottie Bostic - (276) 312 - 9054

Brad Boyd (276) 202 - 6251

Mark Cooper - 566 - 8280 / (276) 525-0707

Bill Crigger - (Co-Chairman) 597 - 0070 / (276) 971-1504

Tim Oquinn - (276) 312 - 9434

Joe Ratliff - 597-7811 / (276) 210 - 1508

Terry Ratliff - 597-8233 / (276) 312 - 1702

Brad Vandyke (Chairman) - 597-2176 


Chris Mitchell - (276) 952 - 5832